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Almost a Month in SF - Harness Journey

Almost a Month in SF - Harness Journey

I just spent three of the last four weeks straight in the lovely city by the bay, San Francisco! I have been going to San Francisco on and off over the last several years as friends and family live in the Bay Area. The last few firms I have worked with have been HQ’d on the SoMA neighborhood which is starting to feel like home.

Moving Fast and (Not) Breaking Things

Back in the startup grind. I am super excited to be joining Harness. I wrote in my previous blog post about my first week in Harness. We have a mantra at Harness which is a play off of the FaceBook mantra “Move Fast and Not Break Things”. Certainly moving really fast and with low barriers to get items out. In my first month I have four blog posts on the company blog and my big accomplishment so far, the Harness Community.

Harness Community

Within my first week on the new gig, Harness released it’s inaugural Community Edition. The next logical step is to build a community. As an Evangelist, this is a magic time at a company, I was pretty privileged to get the first community kicked off. Within the next two weeks did a good amount of research on DevOps / SRE communities at contemporary and competing organizations.

After a good amount of research and deciding how a phased approach would look and getting buy in from the executive team, decided on Discourse as the platform. With some help from my partner who is much better at CSS than this old distributed systems developer, launched The Harness Community. Feel free to sign up and join our Community Slack!

Smol Smarketing Team

The SMarketing aka “Sales and Marketing” Team I am on is really small. As of today, there are six of us fighting the good fight. Though this is my favorite team that I have been on. I am learning loads from each one of my other five team mates; they are really accomplished and my learning the first month in has been amazing.

Since we are so smol aka small, I was able to snag me a desk in HQ which anybody is able to sit at. Hopefully my name tag will not be taken ha! Pretty awesome feeling there is a little desk in HQ for you in San Francisco. Hopeing to spend regular time in San Francisco to put my desk to work :-)


I do have to hand it to Harness to being very generous. A month into my role I am on PTO in Bali with partner in crime. I admit I have been poking at a few things at work out of drive to Get Ship Done; really addictive; hopefully my girl friend is not too mad ha! If you want to join us at Harness, check out our career page and feel free to contact me!

Food Filled Summer 2019

Food Filled Summer 2019

Starting my Harness Journey

Starting my Harness Journey